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Our Mission Our Values 我们的价值观 专 业敬业铸就成功,诚仨、感恩创造未来!我们不仅信守承诺井且希望与我们的商业伙伴建立的关系能远远超出项目的生命周期。我们凭借准确的战珞定位、精英的团队组建、专业的管理远营、细致的服务理念,通过不懈努力,将ENC打造成为一个具有内、精益求精的高科技健康企业! 益恩喜产品共分为三大系列:NMN基因修复、草本植物精萃NMN复合系列和天然营养食物补充爆款系列。三大系列产品的配方依据人体需求而研制,并不断的更新换代中。为保证产品品质,益恩喜的产品恪守一套近乎苛刻的原料来源审核制度,充分考虑到原料种植或饲养的环境因秦。益恩喜产品的原料精选自世界各地,力求安全、优质。即使巳经经过各种检验,所有原料在进入生产区前,仍须再次在隔离区通过生产前的各项检测,最后投入生产。精选的原材料结合先进的萃取技术,都使得益恩喜产品成为同类产品的饺佼者! 我们的使命开后亿万人健康智慧! 拥有健康成为人人追求的目标,倡导健康新概念,从某种意义上说就是当您还拥有健康的时候,留住它,让生命更年轻! 国外研发团队:G21美国科学生物实验团队国內营销团队:ENC国内知名行业精英汇聚战略顾问团队:健康医疗体育领域群星荟萃 Quality ls preduced, not by inspection...
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Das Team von Ningbo Pylon sagt danke für die enorme Leistung des Porsche Teams, DB Schenker, Landesbehörden, TUV Nord und Lufthansa sowie den vielen Helfern und den Lieferanten hier in China. Nur dank dieser Hilfe und Zusammenarbeit war es uns möglich die richtigen und qualitative hochwertigen Produkte nach Deutschland zu exportieren. Natürlich sind auch wir...
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The Right Partner For You

We’ve helped hundreds of foreign investors to start their business in China and provide one stop service for them. Our senior consultants are very proficient in local policies who will design appropriate service plans for different clients. Our close relationship with local government usually help our client save time and make sure the whole process runs...
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Immigration Service

We are glad to advise you. Contact us for Immigration Service Working permit:Permission of working in China. Expats can apply for resident permit by holding working permitResident permit: Long term resident visa. Expats who are formally employed or invest a company or Rep office in China can apply for this visa. His or her mate and...
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Company Registration

Rep office Representative office( Rep office) is a branch in China who represents the overseas company. Rep office is not a separate legal entity. It cannot do business directly which means it cannot sign any purchasing contract with Chinese supplier or make invoice. Short registration period and no registered capital required make it possible for...
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The Company behind the

Being a team of German and Chinese professionals with years of experience as a comprehensive human resources and business consulting service provider, we provide clients with unique and multiple service projects which are time tested and humanized. As the first service provider in Ningbo who focus on clients of foreign expats and foreign enterprises we believe our...
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Pylon Co., Ltd. ist ein als WOFE (wholly foreign owned enterprise) registriertes Unternehmen. Die Geschäftsanteile und Geschäftsführung sind ausschließlich in deutscher Hand. Der Firmensitz ist seit 2008 in Ningbo, China, einer der führenden Welthafenstädte. Die Nähe zu den Herstellern und Anschluss an Shanghai geben Ningbo wesentliche Standortvorteile. Der internationale Handel mit klinischen Hilfsprodukten, Gesundheits – Modeartikeln und...
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Business Consulting

We are glad to advise you. Contact us for Business Consulting WFOE establishment Foreign company China representative office establishment Sino-foreign joint venture establishment Financial outsourcing & accounting service...
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